The Spry ecosystem

The Spry Health
Model of Care

Meet rising demand for PT without sacrificing the patient-provider relationship. The MSK-OS™ is built specifically to enable providers and payers to support patients with seamless virtual and onsite touchpoints throughout their entire care journey.

Spry for Providers

Spry's solutions are integrated to achieve seamless processes. The most important thing is that it prevents you from switching back & forth between tools to manage daily operations. There are less chances of errors, overheads and human overheads which makes practice efficient.

Spry for Patients

Spry is a platform that enables healthcare providers to monitor patients’ health with ease and by using multiple data sources with predictiveness. Patients, on the other hand, are always advised to be compliant in their treatment since this will greatly help them achieve better health outcomes.

One solution for all your needs

Spry for Providers

  • Increase Revenue - Try our Do It Yourself marketing kits to build your brand and drive more demand
  • Spend time treating, not charting - Custom movement health workflows, content and user interface. No more typing.
  • Reduce Leakage - Integrated preauthorization, billing, revenue collection management and account receivables.
We support all of the above with an ably managed back office.

Spry for Patients

  • Improve Adherence - Use Computer Vision to monitor progress and work collaboratively with your patient without having to spend too much time.
  • Improve Loyalty - Automated process for ongoing assessments, educational content and nudges to focus on physical wellness.
  • Improve Patient Experience - Seamless patient experience from smart patient intake to easy access to clinically validated exercise content.
We support all of the above with an ably managed medical and video production team.

Key Features


All user interaction is presented as an intuitive timeline Users get treatment prognosis and a rehabilitation chart which is used to track goals and progress over time.

Content library

Rich content library with more than 5000 exercises to cover all your therapy needs HEP content is clinically validated by therapists.


Key lever to successful rehabilitation Our solution tracks repetitions and form of exercise to calculate adherence with plan Flags inconsistencies and enables provider to take targeted action


Predefined assessment workflows based on body parts Vision technology will detect key points on the body and calculate all relevant parameters Patient will be presented a custom report and areas of improvement based on predefined ranges


HEP provides a personalized playlist based on treatment plan. Vision technology tracks form and repetition count to give an accurate adherence metric No need for sensors/ intrusive systems.